“SJR has been our partner in parenting and educating our children. The values that are important to us are reflected in our school family. We are blessed to belong to the SJR community.”

“We have had three children experience SJR education. One is currently in seventh grade and the older two are at private high schools (La Salle and Villa Joseph Marie). SJR has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. Our older children have been successful in their new schools, 部分原因在于, to the foundation built through their education at SJR. Beyond the core education that our children received, so important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. SJR提供了高质量, faith-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, 成长与发展.”

“At SJR WE LIVE THE SCHOOL MOTTO—ONE FAITH, ONE FAMILY, ONE SJR. This school is a community of caring students, teachers, and parents. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. We could send our children to any of the wonderful schools here in Central Bucks, 但在SJR, my girls are able to learn faith based values, 一起祈祷, 为我们的社区提供服务. This is extremely important to me in a world that I believe is losing the focus on God and family. The same love and safety my girls feel at home is being carried over in their school. I cannot imagine them to be any happier anywhere else!”

“There are so many wonderful things to say about SJR. It is so much more than an ordinary school. 我儿子在SJR上了十年学, 学前班到八年级, and my daughter is currently attending SJR and is in 7th grade. I have been here a long time, and have seen many things over the last 13 years. I watch a school community that never stops striving for excellence in every way. I witness a school filled with teachers that give 100% of themselves and then some. They give countless additional hours after school to lend a hand to a student in need, 一个家长, or to just make an extracurricular activity extra special. 他们心甘情愿地做这件事! 夫人. 佳斯特, our principal is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on your mind, 你是否关心你的孩子, 你可能有的建议或想法, or just a simple question you need an answer to. 她真诚地倾听,关心. 整个学校都能感受到她的存在.”

“我们的孩子从二年级开始上SJR. We were worried about the transition, but it was the best move we made for our daughter. The most amazing part for us is the principal, 夫人. 佳斯特. I find it incredible to show up at school every morning and have the principal know my child by name. She really takes an interest in getting to know each child.”

“The most amazing thing about our school community is how welcoming both the faculty and students are to any new students. 我把我的儿子, 克里斯多夫, here to SJR at the start of 7th grade and he was made to feel a part of the school from the beginning. We received a welcome call from an SJR family before school started and were invited to an informational meeting for new families. Having the ability to ask other families’ questions before school started lessened first day jitters. By the second week of school he felt completely at home at SJR and wished he had come to SJR sooner. Chris was immediately impressed with having classroom Netbooks and loved being a part of Service Corps and SJR Today. Chris is most thankful for the great friends he made at SJR who are now his friends at Archbishop Wood.”

“Our son attends SJR and we have been very impressed. There is a strong sense of community and everyone makes you feel like family when you walk through the door. When I drop my soon off at school, he is greeted by name, which is very welcoming. We also appreciate the excellent communication, 包括每周学校通讯, weekly class updates on the teacher websites, 迅速回复电子邮件, and phone messages with reminders from the principal. The academics and use of technology are also wonderful!”

“I have walked down the hallways countless times, and have such a sense of pride and appreciation each time I do. SJR is a place to be challenged, and students learn and grow in so many ways. It’s a community where your child’s faith is nourished and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, 但是在行动中. SJR focuses on so many important values like service, humility, kindness and courage. It’s a place my children have made great friends and memories and learned invaluable lessons that will stay with them forever. SJR is and always will be a blessing to our family!”